Accounting & Advisory Services

We believe that every business can benefit from advisory services. Our advisory services are geared toward helping companies and their owners achieve the goals and objectives that they have identified and are working towards. Many times we find that companies do not have defined objectives. We assist our clients in identifying, communicating and executing their goals and objectives specific to their needs and desires.


Financial and Benchmarking Analysis

Essential to the success of a business are accurate financial statements. However, due to the many other demands placed on the business the financial statements are often managed haphazardly. Unfortunately, in today’s business world this can be detrimental to the business. Accurate and timely financials are essential to managing a successful company.


We provide benchmarking services that help business owners evaluate their business operations in comparison with peers in their industry. Benchmarking often helps businesses identify areas within their business that are performing well and areas that need improvement. Throughout the benchmarking process we provide valuable insight that management can use to improve operations and net profit.


We use a company’s financial data in conjunction with other analytical software to help businesses review their company’s performance like never before. Our process is easy to understand and creates a dashboard of key financial performance indicators. Our process helps businesses understand their operations and financial statements in a manner that is very similar to the information used by the banks and other financial institutions when underwriting a loan during the lending process.


Company Sale and Financing

If you are currently considering or plan to sell your company, a clean financial process and accurate financials may in many cases significantly reduce the amount of due diligence time required by the buyer. Likewise valuation multiples can improve significantly. Solid financials are often referred to as the management team or owner’s scorecard. If the financial statements are disorderly, the business simply cannot maximize its value.


We offer expertise to assist in putting all of your financial pieces together, whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation. At Allred Jackson, we have developed a proven process for monthly closings which, when instituted and complied with, will allow the company to have confidence in knowing that all processes follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We, likewise, assist in building budgets and creating financial forecasting models to assist the company with proper strategy and execution. Many of our clients use our services to assist them in preparing what is needed for financing, large or small.


Accounting, Quickbooks and Peachtree Experts

Our accounting professionals are trained to handle simple and complex issues such as inventory management, budgeting, and financial forecasting. Our accounting professionals help business owners and their team use their accounting software to its full extent. Since many businesses use QuickBooks and Peachtree as their accounting software of choice, we have specific certifications and expertise with QuickBooks and Peachtree. Our firm is available to assist our clients with design, implementation and training relating to the use of  software.